Foreo Luna Mini Face Cleanser


Whilst having the best time on my ski trip, my skin on the other hand broke out and became very irritated and dehydrated. Once I got back home, I immediately piled on my moisturiser which made things even worse! My skin broke out in spots all over my face. I tried washing my face with the Crème De La Mer gel cleanser as I usually do but my sore skin, made it difficult to cleanse thoroughly. Which got me thinking, maybe I need to break down the dirt and grime in my pores before I use my moisturiser. Having heard plenty of good reviews on the Foreo cleanser, I decided to give it a go. Here is how I got on..

Skin Before Using Foreo Cleanser


As you can see, there are some lumps and bumps on my face. My skin felt very sensitive, not to mention the colour of the spots turned dark due to sun damage when I was skiing (even though I was wearing sun lotion everyday!).

Week One Results After Using Foreo Cleanser


In one week, I have already noticed a difference. My face felt so much more hydrated and comfortable. The dark spots are still there but have faded a lot. Before the Foreo cleanser, I used to use my hands when I wash my face. My skin felt clean but I was not “wow”ed by the results. Since using the Foreo cleanser, I finally got that “squeaky clean” satisfaction. Not to mention it was very gentle on the areas that I have eczema. For sure, I will carry on using the Foreo cleanser for another week, and we shall see what happens..





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